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Installation of fosse septiques (septic tanks) & ground works in the Lot et Garonne.

Eco Fosse are SPANC approved and have the proven expertise and experience to install and maintain your fosse septique

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Fosse Installation Service Your system is sure to be up and running in no time when you call on our septic tank specialists. At Eco Fosse, we take pride in offering top-of-the-line Fosse septic Installation to residential and commercial properties.

Quality You Can Trust

We have recently taken on this family run business and aim to keep the same high standards of service that the previous owner had offered for the last 12 years.

We are a couple used to serving the public having done so for 25 years in the U.K with our own tool and hardware chain of shops,still being run by our eldest daughter and son in law.

Alongside the retail business we also had a small holding of 12 acres in beautiful Devon,we are very used to the machines we have just bought and competent in their use. We offer the same micro stations from Condor,fully NF registered in France and with SPANC and have proved to be one of the market leaders in efficiency and cost.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fosse Installation Service

Conder ASP Sewage Treatment Plant

Eco Fosse announces the launch of its new Conder ASP - 8EH Sewage Treatment Plant in Glass Reinforced Polyester(GRP) material. Approved in France by SPANC and Eau 47 (2012-045 agreement number). The product showcases all the main features of the highly successful Conder ASP Sewage Treatment Plant, together with additional enhanced features and benefits that will make it a market leader.

Product Details

The new plant features all the original attributes of the highly successful Conder ASP GRP Sewage Treatment Plant. These include:

Combined with many new, industry first product enhancements:


The Conder ASP - 8EH Sewage Treatment Plant is the perfect solution for residential and commercial properties in France where mains drainage is unavailable.

The plant serves a population range of 1 to 8 people. The product comes with a range of peripheral extras including: Extension kits offering deeper inverts to insure correct installation levels. Inlet sewage and final effluent pump chambers in single or dual units for fit post installation as well as a market leading free Ten year warranty.

The results are that the evacuated water is 97% clean there fore can be drained off into ditches or drainage tunnels with no need for extra expensive Sand Filter Beds.

Photos of Fosse Installations

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Don’t delay contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your own fosse septique installation and maintenance. We are based in the Lot et Garonne and cover Lot et Garonne and Northern Gers.